Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dreams Really Can Come True

Well folks, it looks like my dream mermaid tail is within sight!
Over the last few years I've been saving my pennies, and thanks to a little boost from friends and family via Go Fund Me, I was able to save up enough to finally take the dive!

I received a reply about two weeks after sending my 'Ready To Order' email to Bryn and Abby at Finfolk Productions. I paid the deposit, and have begun filling out all the info needed to start my tail.
I understandably have a long wait ahead of me, and that's ok. The twins are loaded with orders, but their work is absolutely stellar and well worth the wait!
I have not yet gotten my production month yet, but most likely my wait will be over a year, and I still need to send them my measurements.
That kind of wait time is pretty typical in these cases though, and I'll be attempting to distract myself with my own fabric, sequin & neoprene tail making projects in the meantime.

Progress on the t-shirt making front with the new logo is moving slowly, but moving!
I've narrowed the companies I'd like to have make them down to two, but it needs to wait until after Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend. With tons of last minute sewing to finish up, work, and house guests coming in, there hasn't been much time for anything else.
Funds made from the sales of these t-shirts will be added to the Viking ship prop fund, and the building will commence this summer.

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