Friday, February 12, 2016

A Logo In The Making

Sorry for the radio silence lately!
Back in the saddle with the creation of my 'Mersona' and brand, for lack of a better term, I've been a busy little fish! Finally getting to order my dream mermaid tail is about to become a reality.
I'm planning Freyja The Viking Mermaid t-shirts, and even completed a final draft of a logo that will be featured on t-shirts and hopefully other merchandise. It would be fun to have patches and stickers etc. with my logo design.

After I finished the final concept sketch for my logo, I put it through Photoshop to clean it up a bit.
Just for fun I ended up playing with filters, and created this carved-in-stone look, similar to carvings on the runestones scattered around Scandinavia.
I wanted something pretty and full of fantasy, but still very Viking, and representative of the culture and ancient carvings. This is preferred over the a 'modern tribal' versions of Viking knot-work designs I see everywhere.
I'm hoping to refine my pencil sketch by creating a vector from it, to make a final logo for print.
The watermark will not be part of the final design, and I plan on cleaning up her trident a bit, too.

Saving up for a Finfolk Productions silicone mermaid tail has gone better than I expected. Thanks to the help of a few friends donations, my frugal saving (as best I could) and a nice tax refund this year, I have more than enough for a down payment to at least get in line for a tail, made by the lovely Bryn and Abbey.
There are a few things I need to do before I jump in that lagoon, however; like loose the proof of my holiday sins. This year was particularly epic with the good food and drink with amazing people.
It's not much, a matter of barely an inch around my waist, hips and butt. With that said, being someone who sews a lot and makes her own clothing, it does matter if I'm going to be taking detailed measurements for a swimmable silicone mermaid tail that needs to comfortably fit like a glove! So, in another few weeks, I'll be back down to my 'fighting weight' and will go for it.

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