Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Current Events

I've had to hit the reset button, for lack of a better term, and get back in the water.
Travel, some needed vacation time and performances have taken up a huge chunk of time over the last two months. While enjoyable, it kept me out of my fins far too long.
Saving for the Viking shipwreck prop, and my silicone tail, is going well. That's in addition to the kind donations from friends, and I'm literally halfway to my dream mermaid tail.

In other news, designs are being finalized for my soon-to-be launched clothing label,
Ritzy Raven this spring or summer. Released as very limited runs (to start), single items or micro collections of 3 to 4 pieces will be launched for pre-order each season, or twice a year. The core style of RR is inspired by the Art Deco period between the 1930s and 1940s, and sometimes with a fusion of timeless styles from many eras.
I'm hoping that with enough success in starting out small, I'll be able to grow the business into a somewhat larger model, and have larger collections released seasonally. Hopefully, I can begin producing and manufacturing the clothing in the US. For now, I have a trusted and ethically run resource overseas that actively uses their business model in textiles and clothing construction, to directly benefit and grow their own community.

So that's the gist of my world for now. I'm looking forward to a mermaid meet up tomorrow at the SJSU pool, too. I've been having swimming withdrawals!