Friday, October 31, 2014

My Dream Fins: Color & Inspiration Collage

This is a mish-mash of themes, imagery and color that will serve as the basis for my Viking inspired mermaid tail. It will hopefully be done in silicone by one of my two favorite tail makers; Finfolk Productions or Merbella Studios. I'd also like to create a first 'draft' in neoprene over the chilly holidays using my Mahina monofin,  water-appropriate paint and other gilding in the above color pallet. I want to make this tail design mine as soon as possible!

Using one of the fun little online make-your-own mermaid doll games, I designed something that is close to how I want the colors and spotted pattern arranged on the tail itself. It's not the exact tail or fin shapes I want, but it's a good reference point. As you can see, it's inspired by fish of the related Norwegian salmon and rainbow trout family, complete with their cute freckles which I've always loved. The Norwegian salmon theme is played up in the platinum silvery colors and hints of gold.

Hehe...and I kind of want this phone case.

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