Friday, October 10, 2014

Growing Restless

Just a pretty picture from the 1920s to help fill the time here, until I have more content to offer.
I'm still waiting on my monofin, which should arrive on Saturday afternoon.
Then I can really begin practicing and sharing my progress here.
Truth be told, I don't need that much practice, at least not in learning how to swim with bound feet. Throughout my life, I've swam with my feet together using a dolphin kick 99% of the time. It still feels strange to me to kick against the water with each foot doing separate kicks, and more natural to move through the water using them together. It just seems to make more sense.
So it shouldn't feel so strange to just have something to help that along further. The only difference is the strengthening the fin will give me as I practice with it, and I can concentrate on my form and movement.
I'm prepared for the sore muscles at first, and some minor lower back pain. Those muscles will be put to different uses than what my current routine gives them, and I'll be happy for the exercise. Plus, this will help me shed any excess weight I've been wanting off *before* I invest in, and take measurements for, that custom made silicone tail.

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